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  1. Aug 26,  · Artista: V.A. Trenzado y reacción Título del álbum: Mega Drive Fecha de lanzamiento: Género: Psy Trance Discográfica: Fineplay Track List: Abomination Vs. Painkiller -- Distorting.
  2. 1 - Cortex vs Hux Flux - DeserTrip | 2 - Hux Flux vs Cortex - Heart & Mind | 3 - Hux Flux - Bring Your Own Bios (Cortex Remix) Reviews Add Review [r] Release. Edit Release Review Changes. Add to Collection Add to Wantlist Remove from Wantlist. Marketplace. Digital content is not available for sale or trade on Discogs. 4/5(1).
  3. Lyrics to 'Heartbeat (Mind Vortex Remix)' by Wilkinson Feat. P Money & Arlissa. I can feel it, pushing up my heartbeat / Running running, I'm running so scared / Now I'm running from the things you say / Is it real or is it in my mind.
  4. Research has shown that the heart communicates to the brain in four major ways: neurologically (through the transmission of nerve impulses), biochemically (via hormones and neurotransmitters), biophysically (through pressure waves) and energetically (through electromagnetic field interactions).Missing: Remix).
  5. Heart-Mind well-being refers to the balance between educating the mind and educating the heart. While there is a great focus in our society on academic achievement, research has demonstrated the positive impacts of developing our hearts - Missing: Remix).
  6. Winning over people's 'Hearts & Minds' to the safety cause can be difficult. There has to be a consistency of purpose, focus and execution in continually striving to improve safety. In other words, strong 'Safety Leadership' creates and maintains positive safety perceptions among the entire workforce. In turn, this motivates people to behave safely, so that a collective Missing: Remix).
  7. Jan 10,  · by Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., Raymond Trevor Bradley, Ph.D. and Dana Tomasino, BA Many believe that conscious awareness originates in the brain alone. Recent scientific research suggests that consciousness actually emerges from the brain and body acting together. A growing body of evidence suggests that the heart plays a particularly significant role in this Missing: Remix).
  8. With the biggest psychedelic goa trance masters all in attendance and with full support from the Family, Starting with a simply astounding Remix of Finite Automata, A phenomenal Remix Somnambulant and Include with what might be the most energizing versions yet of Bring your own bios and sweep dreams! also included vs of cortex and hux flux called 'heart and mind'.

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